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Cyber Security Divas Activate!


Oh how the world has changed over the last few months. We see more and more Geeks getting involved with Cyber Security and being over the moon PASSIONATE about it!

To the women in the field (our fellow Girl Geeks), be strong willed, be diligent, and be CONFIDENT in your abilities to play in the field.

Women are goal oriented, we pay attention to details, and we think forward. To be able to foresee what problems may occur that will cause issues in the future, to be able to analyze current trends and policy and apply that knowledge to the field, and to be able to actively communicate this knowledge...It is all the key to success. It is built in us to be great.

And even though, the female faces are growing at the head of the table, we have a lot of work to do. It's not enough that we are knowledgeable in the field. It's that we are not confident enough to challenge the right people when the time comes to speak up. Understand what you know, speak it from where you know, and let them know...


Check IT Out...

2020 Cybersecurity Divas – The Most Influential Women in Cybersecurity

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